Week 9: Google Analytics

Analytics services are such valuable tools for content creators. Google Analytics is a web analytics service that collects data from your website and provides the owner of the website with statics as well as helps them out with how to get more people to their website by providing the person with analytical tools. I also use Google Analytics for these reasons, but that does not mean that I like this service.

Having a service that collects statics and gives you helpful analytics tools that you can use is very helpful especially if you want to grow your audience. Google Analytics looks at what your audience looks at when they come to your website, how long they stay on your site, as well as many other things. By knowing these things about your audience, you can create and share your content in ways that it will reach more people and draw in a larger crowd to your website.

Google Analytics is for sure a nice service, but nice does not mean that it knows how to cooperate. When I first made an account, it seemed easy enough (a little too easy, but I didn’t question it), but everything after just felt like it was going horribly wrong. I knew I should have been suspicious of the setup being extremely easy because everything after is just one giant problem that I have no idea how to fix. One of which includes the fact that I am not able to see my statics in WordPress, but instead I have to login into Google Analytics by opening another tab just to see the statics that it gathered. I guess that’s fine, but sort of ruins the convenience of having a Google Analytics tab on the back end of my website.

As much as Google Analytics helps people with growing their websites, it also is absolutely a nightmare to use, at least for me it is. Google Analytics helps with all sorts of things, but I just wish it was easier to use and was more cooperative because the number of times that I have wanted to throw my laptop out of a window is so high, but if Google Analytics agreed to work with me instead of against, then my life would be much easier. However, I can’t be mad at Google Analytics for not cooperating; it is just an analytics service.

A laptop showing analytics data

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