Week 8: AI Art

Painting, sketching, animating, and drawing, both traditionally and digitally, are all different mediums of art. Art can be anything you want it to be. Music, dance, literature, clay, and anything else you can think of can be counted as art.

Art is usually classified as a creative process done by humans, but can robots do art? Nowadays, since everything is online and many tasks are completed by robots rather than humans, so the question that comes to mind is… can AI do art? To answer this question, first, we need to find a more broad definition of what art is. Art is a representation of what we feel and what to express in a creative way. 

Artificial intelligence or more commonly known as AI are systems and machines that basically mimic the knowledge and performance of humans. They gather information on certain topics and base their actions according to their research and programming. AI can also display behaviours that are similar to humans and they are also capable of learning, planning, reasoning, and creativity.

Taking into consideration that artificial intelligence is capable of creativity, then the answer to the question is that yes, AI can do art. Now that we have established that AI can do art, it begs the question, can AI art be classified as art?

AI art is a two-sided coin as there are people who think it is not art and there are people who think it is art. The people who do not count AI art as art because people think it is cheating to create art using a machine as it is not the skill of an artist, but the work of a programmed machine. While on the hand, the people who do count AI art as art think this way because it is a form of expression and represents society.

Personally, I do believe that AI art is art because it does not matter whether the art piece was created by a human or a machine, it still represents something, provokes emotions, and it is impactful. The AI art coin is always being flipped and there will always be people who agree and disagree with the existence of art made by artificial intelligence.

Human looking robot sitting on a bench reading a book

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