Week 6: Website Design Review

BCSPCA website

Website link: https://spca.bc.ca

For this week, I had to do a website review of a website that I visit often. So, I decided to do a website review of the BCSPCA’s website because I needed to gather some research on them for an assignment that I am working on for another class.

The design of the BCSPCA website has simple colours with a simple theme which just makes their mission and programs more eye-catching. Having a minimalistic feel to their website definitely benefits them as there is nothing distracting the audience from what they are looking at on the website. Since, the website is quite simple, it doesn’t distract from their main purpose. Right away when you enter the website, you can see all that is offered and navigate through very easily.

The structure of their website is pretty organized because when you land on their website, it is easy to find their menu tab, socials, and all their different pages and what is on each page. The website is also very consistent, since they keep to what their theme is as well as what they want their audience to know is very obvious and plain to see.

The customizations they made to their website are very on theme and seasonal as currently, they are advertising their Christmas advent calendar with animal puns and cuteness. Having all their social media platforms on the side, a search engine at the top, and an animal helpline at the very top of their page makes their website homepage quick to navigate.

However, no matter how many good points something has, there is always something that could be improved. I think it would be best if they could add an accessibility tab, so that anyone and everyone can use their website without any difficulties. Another thing that would be helpful is making their mission page more clear and easier to find as currently, it is quite difficult to navigate to the home page or to their goals page, doing this would help them and their audience because the audience will be able to find out more about the organization and what they hope to achieve. 

Despite the parts where they could change, improve, or develop their website more, the BCSPCA has a wonderful website that is still very useful, welcoming, and friendly. Their website has interesting stories and is full of adorable animals on every page.

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