Week 5: Editors

Editing is quite a long process and editors have tons to fix in different medias which can include photography, audio, film, written work, or visual pieces. Humans are bound to make mistakes, it is in our nature which is why editors are so important. They make sure that mistakes that people make are fixed before the creator’s work is shown to the public, However, one cannot depend on just going through the editing process once with just one editor because there is a high chance, even though it is their job, the editor missed something. So, you would need to go over your work again after each editing cycle and then, send it in for editing once again; it is important to repeat this process until you feel your work is ready to be shown to the world.

Editors are people who look over other people’s work and see if their work is ready to be sent out to the public or if it needs to be fixed up and redone. Editors make sure that the project they are reviewing is perfect through proofreading, research, and just editing in general. 

There are many different types of editors, each with their very own unique job within the editing process. These types of editors can include copy editors which identify grammar issues, development editors which look at the content’s structure, substantive editors which look into clarity, and finally, proofreaders who look into formatting. All these types of editors are important to make a piece of work ready to be seen by the public.

Editors work hard trying to make sure nothing out of the ordinary gets past them, but there is still a chance that they don’t catch all the mistakes. This is why the editing process can take a while and why the project might need to be reviewed multiple times. Editors not only do they need to make sure that the project is mistake-free, but they also need to make sure to respect the author and their voice.

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