Week 4: My Audience

An audience is a group of people that view your work or the stuff you show to the world. An audience is something I have not thought about for my website yet. However, I will figure this out just like how I figured out how to create and run a website (which was definitely a roller coaster, so I think that this will be much easier… hopefully I am right)!

Honestly, I have not imagined who my audience is until right now, but hey, no better time than the present. Alright, let’s start from the beginning! When I was first planning out my website, the purpose was to try to get my stories to people who wanted to read a small little something to either distract them, calm them, or just read little adventure for the fun of it. So, my audience could technically be anyone, but I’m going to try to narrow this down!

I think my main audience would be people who love reading, editing, or just creative people in general because, throughout all my assignments, stories, and poems, there was also some art in one way or another. So, as of right now, my audience is all the people who love to create stories as well as read stories because this is Midnight Stories and this is where I throw my work together so that anyone can enjoy it!

So, now that I have figured out my audience it will definitely be like a hundred times easier to cater to them as well as keep the identity of my website truly mine without the influence of having to worry about what every single person in the universe will think of my little website.

Going through this process has definitely made me realize just how important it is to figure out your audience as well as figure out what your audience is going to want from you and your website. This website is definitely going to benefit from having figured out who my main audience is and I am so glad that I decided to figure it out in the early stages of the creation of Midnight Stories.

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