Week 2: The Setup

I spent this week setting up my website and making decisions that I felt would improve my website and tailor it to my liking. I tried my best to make it as perfect as I possibly could. I went through dozens and dozens of themes trying to find out which one I think is perfect and I finally decided on one (although, I may or may not change it later, who knows)!

Organizing, grouping, choosing, and deciding everything on my website seemed like so much work, that at first, I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to leave everything the way it was even if that meant that I absolutely hated it, but then I realized that I couldn’t do that; that isn’t who I am. So, I looked through themes, organized every aspect of my website that I could, and looked online for more resources to make my vision come to life. And thank goodness the Internet is full of helpful websites and videos to help someone as clueless as me get their website up and running.

Let me tell you that me being a perfectionist and creating a website is not a great combination. This is because there are so many things that are out of my control that I want to fix but I cannot. Honestly, I want to spend literally hours upon hours just fixing up the tiniest things that I know for a fact that barely anyone will notice, but it just bothers me so much.

So, as for the setting up part of my website I realized that I need to focus on my content mostly and not worry too much about what is wrong with that one speck of the screen that no one will notice. I guess doing this has made me realize that not only is setting up your website from the back end important, but it is also important to mentally set yourself up for everything that you have achieved, what you will achieve, and what you want to achieve. 

I guess my setup process was not only about my website, but also a bit about me as well.


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