Week 1: Talking to a Stranger

Who is a stranger? In my opinion, a stranger is someone that you haven’t met, someone you haven’t talked to, someone that you wouldn’t think about twice. A stranger could be someone that could potentially be a friend.

The person I talked to happened to be going to the same place that I was going and we started talking on the bus. So we travelled the whole way together. During this little adventure, we learned so much about each other including where we are from, our religious backgrounds, as well as how different our experiences have been throughout our lives. We both taught each other so many things both random facts and helpful information that we could use throughout our lives. Talking to this stranger made me realize that to me a person is no longer a stranger once you have had a proper conversation with them rather than just a small greeting.

Meeting someone online versus meeting someone face to face is very different. When talking to someone online allows you to have a screen protecting you, but meeting someone in person gets rid of the screen that most people hide behind. However, in person, the conversation can be interpreted the way it needs to be because of the visible body language, but online the conversation can be interpreted in many different ways. Both are wonderful ways to talk to new people and make friends, but they also have their own pros and cons.

There are many pros and cons of talking to strangers, but what is the point of life if you do not take risks and live a little? Risks are meant to be taken and people are meant to be social creatures, so talk to strangers both in real life and online (always be cautious though). Just enjoy life and everything will be perfect and who knows that stranger that you want to talk to could end up being a lifelong friend that you want to spend every living moment with.

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