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Brendan’s website, Moda Web, is a blog about fashion and the fashion industry. The chosen audience is very specific and the website seems to be doing a great job catering to people who care about what is happening in the fashion and design world. Brendan’s blog contains posts about runway fashion shows, the creative minds behind haute couture, as well as new products in the fashion industry. They seem to have an eye for fashion and creativity because their blog has a very minimalistic look, but still somehow looks super neat and modern. The black and white look gives the website a contrasting but welcoming feel that I as the viewer very much like.

Brendan’s posts revolve around the world of fashion is very lucky for those certain people looking to keep up to date with all that is happening in the fashion industry. Since the blog is all about the fashion world, it would only make sense that Brendan’s targeted audience is people wanting to keep up with everything in fashion or people that are generally interested in fashion. 

The website definitely caters to its chosen and very specific demographic especially since in one of the posts it mentions the use of Google Analytics (which by the way is a great way to figure out who your audience is and how to engage more with them). If I were someone who wants to keep up with the world of the fashion industry and see what is happening around the world, Brendan’s website is definitely the place where I would look and depend upon to keep me up to date.

While going through the website and getting lost in all the posts about the fashion world, I found some ways that the website could be improved. Well, to begin with, it would be nice to have an accessibility feature so that everyone and anyone interested in fashion can access Brendan’s blog without difficulty or inconvenience. Another thing that would be nice to see would be a little bit more about the author in the “About” section of the blog because as of right now it only tells the audience about the website (which is absolutely fabulous), but it would be great to get to know a bit more about the genius behind the blog. 

Besides my minor suggestions, Moda Web is an absolutely amazing and fabulous place to visit and keep in mind if you want to stay up to date with the world of the fashion industry and everything fashionable. 

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