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This week I got the opportunity to take a look at and review Claire’s website. Claire’s website, alltravelledbyclaire, is about her travels and adventures, she uses her website as a platform where she can share her knowledge about the places she has been to as well as some pictures she captured.

As soon as I entered the website, it seemed to be a very calming and serene place. On her home page, it shows what she offers which includes Photography, Travel Resources and Itinerary Support, as well as a Personal Blog/Travel Journal.  The overall feel of the website creates a welcoming, helpful, and nice environment as soon as you enter the website.

The website design and layout is quite simple, but that’s what gives the website its feel of peacefulness. The simplicity makes sure that the reader does not get distracted by other things and can stay focused on what they are looking at on the website. The layout of the blog posts is organized in a way that any post can be found quite quickly. She placed her email in the top right corner of her website, so that it can be easily found and accessed by those who need it. 

The theme of her website seems to be inspired by nature and the outdoors which is further shown in her background display picture of her title as well as in the pictures she has posted. The structure of the website is very easy to understand, use, and navigate through which is probably due to the minimalistic customizations.

Claire’s website is overall very pleasant and interesting in the sense of her posts, the home page, and design choices. However, there is always something that can be improved, changed, or developed more. In the case of Claire’s website, I personally believe that it would be better if she could remove or edit the default pages that come with the theme of her website. It would also be great if she could add an accessibility tab somewhere on her website, so that it is more accessible to everyone.

Overall, Claire’s website is lovely and her About page and posts really show what she wants her website to be as well as what her website means to her. Putting aside what her website could improve on, it is a great place to visit when you want to read a travel story, look at some pictures, or just need to find someone that you can quickly contact when you need some travel knowledge to help you out.

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