I never could make a decision

I never could find an answer 

I had billions of questions 

But none of them had any solutions

I asked everyone around me

Hoping that they could guide me

Hoping that by talking to these people 

I could find my way

No one ever answered my questions

They just created more 

These questions tore me apart 

I tore myself apart

Bits and pieces of my soul

Were scattered all around

I’m still looking for answers 

Answers that have been lost for too long

Now I know why

I never could find any answers 

The answers were lost

About as lost as me

I have always been told to go with the flow

That everything that is supposed to happen

Will happen

That eventually I will find my way

I was taught that patience is a virtue

I was always so impatient

I wanted the answers right away

I wanted everything to be perfect

Now I haven’t lost this mentality

Of making everything flawless

But I’m working on being patient 

Well as patient as I can get

Now I try to not lose my temper so quickly 

For if I do 

I’m going to get lost

And it’ll be impossible to find my way again

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