Look Up

There’s so much I could say 

There’s so much I could tell you 

I want to spend hours if not days of my time

Telling you about it all

I want to tell you about life

About its ups and downs

And all its rollercoasters

I wish I could say more

But there is only so much time

There’s aren’t enough words in the world to tell you everything 

But all I can say is 

Look up

Look up because the sky is beautiful 

Look up if you need answers

Look up if you have questions 

Look up to greet the new day

Just keep looking up

Because if you look down

Then there’s no guarantee that you will ever look up again

So all I can say is look up

If you want to be able to climb the tallest mountain 

If you want to reach the top

If you want to be the first to finish

If you want to be the first to start

Then the best thing I can say is look up

When you look up you can see it all

You can experience it all

You can be it all

But when you look down 

All you see is the ground under feet

And what you could have been

So keep looking up

Because you will never regret the beauty that you witnessed 

The beauty you saw every time you

Looked up

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