Living Among Them

Inspired by the poem “This Is a Photograph of Me” by Margaret Atwood

So much to uncover

So much going on in a single picture

At first a mess of city life

Absolute chaos

But a look deeper and so much more can be seen.

At first glance 

All that is seen is hundreds upon hundreds of people

On the left buildings towering over one another

And on the right a forest full of pine trees

All seems perfect.

No one suspects a thing.

No one sees the lies they are living.

One the top right corner

Almost hidden by the trees

A house can be seen

Within the house a figure lives

That figure is me.

I live there alone for I know what they do not

I know the truth

I tried to tell them about the lies that surround them

They did not believe 

They thought I was crazy.

They silenced the truth.

They silenced me.

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