Her Cottage

It was a quiet summer afternoon and all that could be heard was the slow rustling of leaves every time a cool wind passed through the meadow. Sitting on a branch was a small cardinal looking through the window of a wooden cottage. It was an escape home to a little girl. The cottage would look like a piece of abandoned trash to any person passing by, but to her, it was a cozy, little refuge for her to get away from her chaotic family and busy life. She found the cottage on one of her walks through the meadow and decided to fix up the inside. After that day, she would often spend hours upon hours reading on a blue bean bag chair next to a shelf full of enough books to last her a lifetime. In these books were stories that took her to a new realm each time. Every time she visited a new world, she created an unbreakable bond with the characters. Alas, all stories come to an end and this little girl had to get home before it got dark. So, she packed up for the night and started on her journey home.

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