Inspired by the poem “Indian Woman” By Jeanette Armstrong

I guess I can see

Though they aren’t very nice

I have to take care of them

I need them to see

But something doesn’t feel right

I have glasses for a reason

It’s because I failed a test

I failed an eye test

Yet there are those who see me differently

They think I have something to offer

They think I see the answers

They think I am smart 

But I’m about as smart as rocks

Rocks I say


But I think that’s the answer.

I think I might have something to offer

But it’s an offer to myself

I finally understand what I am

I am my glasses

My glasses are me

On the surface a burden

Underneath a gift 

I can see what many cannot

I see what’s in-front of me

I see beyond the void

I’m about as smart as rocks

The rocks are my own 

These rocks hold not regular knowledge

But what was meant to be

What is meant to be.

I am my own answer.

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