It’s Fine

I wish I knew before

I wish someone had told me

At least now

I’m here to help myself 

It hurts to hit rock bottom 

It hurts when no one is there

It hurts to see failure standing there

Standing there with a vicious grin

I can’t express enough

How much it hurts to be tormented 

Tormented by what could be 

It hurts when they say it’ll be fine

When it won’t 

It can’t be fine if I’m not fine

It hurts to live with this guilt 

That you’re doing something wrong 

Maybe I am doing something wrong 


I’m definitely doing something wrong

I’m absolutely doing something wrong

But I can’t help it

I needed someone to tell me

I needed someone to be there

When I was screaming my silent screams

But now I’m fine

They were right 

It’s fine

Everything is fine

All is fine in their eyes 

But they don’t see what’s in the dark

They don’t see what’s happening 

They don’t know what’s going on

Don’t worry I’ve learned

I’ve learned that I must be fine

If all around me is fine

Then I am fine

Absolutely fine


Creation and destruction are one,

And they can never be undone.

They both show a feeling of the unknown,

Which just wants to be shown.

The unknown, the untold, the undefined are what separate them from the inside,

They long to see the day that they will be side by side.

Unfortunately, they must stay apart,

Or the whole world will restart.

Creation and destruction had to be divided,

Because the undecided held many mysteries to make sure they never collided.

Until this day they stay so far away, 

Due to the secrets that the truth would not say.


No time

No value

No memories 


Nothing remains and you have

You have nothing to give, hold, or cherish

Nothing to love or hate

And you can’t but help wonder why

When nothing is going right

But nothing is going wrong

And you just sitting in the void

Wondering why

Locked doors and closed windows

Just silence

With nothing left

No point in going forward if there is only silence

What can you do with nothing

You can do nothing

Just sit

Sit in silence

The Oldest

Responsible, smart, kind, and caring

The recipe for perfection

But the secret ingredient cannot be forgotten




Rightfully ignored




Divided by sides

Divided by lives

Divided by everyone

Divided but meant to carry on

The show must go on

It cannot rest

They are supposed to perform 

They must do their best

Face the world with a smile

Don’t show worry

Don’t show fear

Don’t show indecision 

Where there is no indecision 

There is no doubt

No fear

And nothing to worry about


I never could make a decision

I never could find an answer 

I had billions of questions 

But none of them had any solutions

I asked everyone around me

Hoping that they could guide me

Hoping that by talking to these people 

I could find my way

No one ever answered my questions

They just created more 

These questions tore me apart 

I tore myself apart

Bits and pieces of my soul

Were scattered all around

I’m still looking for answers 

Answers that have been lost for too long

Now I know why

I never could find any answers 

The answers were lost

About as lost as me

I have always been told to go with the flow

That everything that is supposed to happen

Will happen

That eventually I will find my way

I was taught that patience is a virtue

I was always so impatient

I wanted the answers right away

I wanted everything to be perfect

Now I haven’t lost this mentality

Of making everything flawless

But I’m working on being patient 

Well as patient as I can get

Now I try to not lose my temper so quickly 

For if I do 

I’m going to get lost

And it’ll be impossible to find my way again

A Fading Kingdom

The animal kingdom is enormous,

But for what came next,no one could warn us

The number of animals is dwindling,

And humans are the kindling.

Animals like black rhinos, red pandas, and blue whales

Will soon be tall tales.

If only humans could band together,

Then no animal would turn leather.

If every man, woman, child, and stranger

Could stand up for those in danger.

If we stop these hunting games,

Then could extinguish the growing flames.

Everyday we lose so many animals,

All because we put them in manacles.

This is a war we shouldn’t fight,

We need to do what is right.

Living Among Them

Inspired by the poem “This Is a Photograph of Me” by Margaret Atwood

So much to uncover

So much going on in a single picture

At first a mess of city life

Absolute chaos

But a look deeper and so much more can be seen.

At first glance 

All that is seen is hundreds upon hundreds of people

On the left buildings towering over one another

And on the right a forest full of pine trees

All seems perfect.

No one suspects a thing.

No one sees the lies they are living.

One the top right corner

Almost hidden by the trees

A house can be seen

Within the house a figure lives

That figure is me.

I live there alone for I know what they do not

I know the truth

I tried to tell them about the lies that surround them

They did not believe 

They thought I was crazy.

They silenced the truth.

They silenced me.


Inspired by the poem “Indian Woman” By Jeanette Armstrong

I guess I can see

Though they aren’t very nice

I have to take care of them

I need them to see

But something doesn’t feel right

I have glasses for a reason

It’s because I failed a test

I failed an eye test

Yet there are those who see me differently

They think I have something to offer

They think I see the answers

They think I am smart 

But I’m about as smart as rocks

Rocks I say


But I think that’s the answer.

I think I might have something to offer

But it’s an offer to myself

I finally understand what I am

I am my glasses

My glasses are me

On the surface a burden

Underneath a gift 

I can see what many cannot

I see what’s in-front of me

I see beyond the void

I’m about as smart as rocks

The rocks are my own 

These rocks hold not regular knowledge

But what was meant to be

What is meant to be.

I am my own answer.

Air Pollution

Looking up to see the sky

I see clouds full of dust 

I can’t see the light that keeps me warm

I don’t know where it went

It’s there I know it is

But I guess I never expected to not see it

The air I breathe 

The air that keeps me going 

The air that lets me live 

Is dying

The air is full of it

It’s full of pollution 

I can’t stop it myself 

But I know that I have to find a way

A way to breathe 

A way to succeed 

A way to get rid of this thing

This thing we call 

Air pollution

Look Up

There’s so much I could say 

There’s so much I could tell you 

I want to spend hours if not days of my time

Telling you about it all

I want to tell you about life

About its ups and downs

And all its rollercoasters

I wish I could say more

But there is only so much time

There’s aren’t enough words in the world to tell you everything 

But all I can say is 

Look up

Look up because the sky is beautiful 

Look up if you need answers

Look up if you have questions 

Look up to greet the new day

Just keep looking up

Because if you look down

Then there’s no guarantee that you will ever look up again

So all I can say is look up

If you want to be able to climb the tallest mountain 

If you want to reach the top

If you want to be the first to finish

If you want to be the first to start

Then the best thing I can say is look up

When you look up you can see it all

You can experience it all

You can be it all

But when you look down 

All you see is the ground under feet

And what you could have been

So keep looking up

Because you will never regret the beauty that you witnessed 

The beauty you saw every time you

Looked up

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